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You had better believe it.

There’s a primary election in August. The large campaign signs have been springing up like mushrooms.

Signs for the candidates in the republican primary for Johnson County Prosecuting Attorney –

Lynn Stoppy (the incumbent) and Rob Russell (the challenger).

Johnson County is a relatively small county and as such, has a relatively small population of attorneys. Among the essential qualifications to be eligible to be a county’s prosecuting attorney one must “…be a person learned in the law, duly licensed to practice as an attorney at law in this state, and enrolled as such…” The pool of potential candidates is very small when compared to the general population. In addition, an attorney in private practice who resides in any particular county is confronted with a powerful economic disincentive in making the decision to run for prosecuting attorney. The pay, while good, does not generally compare to what they can earn in private practice.

With a small pool of potential candidates, made even smaller by the economic disincentive, it can be a rare occurrence to have an incumbent prosecuting attorney in a smallish county challenged in the primary. When it does happen we tend ask, what’s up with that?

Johnson County Prosecuting Attorney Lynn Stoppy is facing a challenge in the republican primary from Rob Russell. We have no real idea of the why.

In our present political environment we need to remember that all national politics is local. Almost a year ago in Warrensburg, the Johnson County seat:

Correlation, causality, stupidity, paranoia (August 2, 2013)

Apparently, if you read the Internets, a Saudi national accused of a murder in Warrensburg had the charges against him dismissed by an elected republican prosecutor in the courtroom of a now republican circuit judge because President Obama personally intervened in the case when he visited town last week….

Lynn Stoppy has been the Johnson County Prosecuting Attorney since January 2007.


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Correlation, causality, stupidity, paranoia (August 2, 2013)

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