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Kansas City Mayor Sly James spoke in Warrensburg on Sunday evening for the 75th session of Missouri Boys State on the campus of the University of Central Missouri.

Kansas City Mayor Sly James speaking at Missouri Boys State in Warrensburg – June 15, 2014.

Mayor James spoke on being a mayor and public policy and then took questions from the audience. Toward the end of the question and answer session he received a question about guns:


Kansas City Mayor Sly James: [in response to a question about gun violence]  …Well, one way of keeping hands out of the, guns out of the hands of criminals is to stop people from selling them to them, uh, should abide by the law. And when you go to gun shows in Missouri or a back car, or a back trunk of a car you don’t have to comply with any background checks unless you’re a federally licensed gun dealer. So, when it’s easier for a kid, a sixteen year old kid to get a gun than it is for him to get driver’s license I got a problem with that. So, yes, we do need to do that.

How about some sensible things like everybody who buys a gun needs to be registered? It’s interesting to me that everybody who drives a car, which can be considered an instrumentality of death when you think about it, because by driving a car drunk, by driving a car when you’re incompetent, by driving a car out of road rage you can kill somebody. Every single person who drives a car is supposed to have a license. But everybody who owns a gun does not have to. I’m sorry, that does not make logic to me. It’s great for ideology, it’s bad public policy. [applause, cheers]  We do not need [inaudible].

There’s some very basic common sense rules and things that can be done that will not interfere with Second Amendment rights but will help keep the guns out of the hands of people who are mentally incompetent, past felons, or what, you know, stupid people. Okay? One is, if you as an owner of a gun have your gun stolen from your house you should be required to report it to the police, but you’re not. So, guns get stolen, we never know that they’re on the street, but the first job, one of the main jobs after a murder using a gun is trace it back to its origin. But when you have those gaps and we need to know something, maybe we know something about what’s going on in the neighborhood that we can connect somebody to. All sorts of things like that.

But, the other thing, too, is there was a bill in the Missouri legislature that Mayor Slay in St. Louis, of St. Louis and I fought hard. It was a bill that basically said that federal gun laws could not be enforced by federal agents in the State of Missouri. And, in the original version of the bill local police really had the authority and the obligation to arrest a member of the ATF or the FBI or DEA, uh, who was enforcing a federal gun law against a criminal and that this, the federal agents could be jailed and fined and could no longer work as a law enforcement agent in the State of Missouri. One of the single dumbest rules and pieces of legislation I’ve ever heard in my life. Because every agent, every city that has police and every city that’s trying to do something about crime works with the federal government. They have resources that we need, they have, uh, things that we simply can’t do, and it’s a partnership. It would have destroyed KC NoVA. All of our partnerships would have been wiped out.

The other thing that I thought was interesting about the bill was it lowered the age for being able to have a conceal carry license from twenty-one to nineteen. I don’t know why nineteen. There’s never been anything that’s been nineteen. It’s eighteen, twenty-one. Nineteen. But [laughter], I, it was great, it was great, you know. Um, but, you know, this is in, this is coming out of the legislature, mind you, where, um, a loaded gun was left by a legislative aide in a public bathroom. Okay? Guns were taken off of legislators as they went to the Missouri Supreme Court for a meeting. Okay? But you’re gonna say, look kid, if we catch you drinking a beer at the age of nineteen you’re in serious trouble. And, by the way, put your gun away, man, I see it hanging outside, it’s supposed to be concealed. [applause, cheers]

We need to recognize, we need to recognize that there is in fact a correlation between the number of people who die by gunfire and gunshots in this country versus the entire world and the number of guns that are out there. It just makes sense. The more people who have guns, the more people are gonna get shot. There should be some limitations. There is nobody in this room who would say everybody should be able to have a gun. Because if that’s the case then five year olds should have a gun, people with one eye should have gun, people who are blind should have a gun, their seeing eye dog should have a gun. [laughter, applause]


Kansas City Mayor Sly James took a selfie with the Boys State audience after speaking.