By @BGinKC

I am so god-damn sick of mass-shootings and talk of tyranny and revolution that I could vomit. You don’t even have to turn on the news anymore. All you have to do is have a cell phone, and it starts chirping away as soon as the google-alerts start coming in if you make your living in the political world like I do, or when they start rolling into your Facebook news feed if you’re a normal person.

Either way, you can’t escape it.

Less than two months ago, the hate came home when a right-wing extremist killed three people at a Jewish community center and a Jewish retirement home in the KC metro area. A couple of weeks ago, it was Elliott Rodger stabbing and shooting his way across Isla Vista, California because hot women weren’t lining up to fuck him, even though he was a rich kid with a daddy who was a Hollywood producer.

Today there was another shooting, this one at a high school in a suburb of Portland, Oregon. Two people are dead, including the shooter, and a second armed person has been found on the campus and taken into custody…but here’s the kicker…the second gun was found during the evacuation process and wasn’t related to the shooting. It was just there. Someone just had a gun at school…No big whoop.

Tuesday’s school shooting in Troutdale, Oregon was the seventy-fourth school shooting since Sandy Hook. Let me repeat that…Not since Columbine, which would be tragic enough to contemplate, but since Sandy Hook – and it was the fourth mass shooting in six days.

My point is, you don’t even have to turn on the news anymore to hear about them, and they happen with such frequency that we’re numb to the horror, we’ve become inured to the carnage and we’re tired of hearing about it.

Seen any cute cat pics lately?

Well, I, for one, have had enough. I’m a liberal and a gun owner and before I had two complex brain aneurysms and a stroke that was caused fixing one of them, I was a hunter. I’ve hiked more miles of creekbeds and ridges with a .270 or a .30-06 on my shoulder than any brave defender of the Second Amendment who takes his assault weapon into Chili’s ever thought about, and I’ve probably dropped and field-dressed more deer than they have, too – and I never needed anything but peep-sights to do it, either.

Over the weekend, two right-wing idiots got tired of waiting for the revolution that they have been promised was right around the corner every day that a Democrat has sat in the Oval office since 1980, and they decided that they would spark it off themselves.

Well, you know what they say – timing is everything, and they didn’t have it. They tried to start their revolution just hours before Mance Rayder’s army of wildings marched on The Wall, and tyranny – schmyranny. We wanted to see a giant riding a mammoth.

Two deluded morons – and in the information age, anyone with the capability to post nonsense to Facebook has the capability to verify basic facts and truths – decided they would light the fuse of the next American revolution themselves by murdering two police officers and desecrating their bodies with symbols of right-wing hatred and paranoia, a Gadsden Flag and a Swastika, and took a wanna-be hero out of the gene pool, too. (I have been trying to tell people since Wayne LaPierre made his childish “good guy/bad guy” proclamation that was a good way to get a lot of good-intentioned but untrained folks killed. Believe me yet?)

In the wake of the Newtown massacre, it really looked like something was going to get done. Fully 85% of Americans favored steps to rein in gun violence. But a year later, instead of common-sense legislation passing, there was a stand-off reminiscent of Waco brewing in Clark County, Nevada as a welfare cowboy with a sense of entitlement rivaled only by his racist tendencies drew nutjobs from around the country to his side, terrorizing the other residents of the area and pointing their guns at federal agents, seemingly without penalty.

Well, if no one else will say “enough, already” I will…

­Enough already. We have a right to own and bear arms, not artillery, and if you ask the average person on the street, they don’t want any part of the revolution the right wing is always ranting about. Truth be told, the thought scares the holy hell out of them, and they would gladly give up any last shreds of their – and our – remaining freedoms to see the “revolutionaries” crushed and swept away like so much (white) trash.

The nineties weren’t that long ago, and the body count doesn’t have to approach 168 for the population to say “Stop these freaks! By any means necessary!”

And here’s a word to the wise for any right wing nutjobs who might be reading…the side with the Air Force always wins. One A-10 would have scattered their little uprising at the Bundy hobby-farm while America watched the video on their phones over the backyard grill as they flipped burgers and drank beer and laughed at the idiotic gun-goons as they scattered like rats.

That that didn’t happen is all the evidence the rest of us need to prove they **aren’t** living under the yoke of tyranny and oppression, just because the President is a Democrat who managed to sign a healthcare reform law.