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Twitter, that is.

This morning:

Claire McCaskill ‏@clairecmc

Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace this am. 6:26 AM – 1 Jun 2014

President McCain must have been booked on all the other Sunday network infotainment shows.

A nice gesture:

Delores Watson ‏@dmillerwats

@clairecmc Good Luck !! 6:34 AM – 1 Jun 2014

Why, what do you mean by that?:

Jim Fay ‏@ReggieFay

@clairecmc @FoxNewsSunday Thank God for fast forward #PassMeTheRemote 6:50 AM – 1 Jun 2014

Fairfax: …Man, that’s just mean. That’s mean, man…

Someone has issues:

herbert silver ‏@mosess99

@clairecmc @FoxNewsSunday Clair you are sucking Obama’s Bengazi Hillary killed 4 people she is a Jew hater and a Muslim lover like Obama. 7:26 AM – 1 Jun 2014

Was that from a spam generator, or what?