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And, whatever you do, you don’t ever pick a fight with Blue Girl. Really.

Today on Facebook, Representative Casey Guernsey (r) did just that:

Tammy Booth shared a link.

2 hours ago [….]

Why don’t all y’all up north ask Casey Guernsey and the rest of the math-challenged GOP dipshits you keep sending to Jeff (all I can figure is it’s a couple hundred miles from Bethany and Princeton so it gets the worthless fuckers out of your way) how the hell a tax break on fuel sold at marinas in the Ozarks helps YOU.

Freewheeling legislature puts Missouri in a hole

Casey Guernsey

Since you apparently know so much about this bill, why don’t you explain how this is a tax break?

about an hour ago

Think about that response for a second. A state representative trolling social media. Really? Methinks he doth protest too much.

Tammy Booth

It’s at the link:

” They granted a tax exemption for motor fuels used at marinas. They exempted sales taxes from transactions involving used manufactured homes and locally grown produce at farmer’s markets. Large commercial laundries got a tax break. So did fast food restaurants and power companies. Even Sprint Center patrons who get first dibs on tickets received a reprieve on sales taxes.

Gov. Jay Nixon, a Democrat, estimated the total cost of the giveaways at $263 million to almost $500 million a year. The last-minute binge threw Missouri’s 2015 budget out of balance before the legislature even left town.”

about an hour ago

Casey Guernsey

I don’t read articles from tabloids – but I do know these bills. The motor fuel component you mentioned in your post is what I was talking about. While we certainly passed tax reform bills, I don’t expect any liberal to agree and frankly don’t care that they do. But if your going to make a wild eyed claim about how motor fuel tax refunds at the lake effects my constituents, I’m going to call you out for not knowing what your talking about. Again (for the second time) if you know so much about this bill, explain to me how this is a NEW tax break. I don’t care what the article says. If your going to make claims and tag me, I will call you out every time. So. Why don’t you try again.

about an hour ago · Edited

[emphasis added]


The Kansas City Star is a tabloid? Evidently, we never get out of junior high school.

Tammy Booth

Meanwhile, you and your ilk are determined to turn us into a third-world country and get our credit-rating cut like has happened in Kansas, you refuse to be bound by ethics or campaign finance laws and you cut taxes for the richest few (how many of YOUR constituents will get an appreciable tax cut? not very damned many, I know, I’m from up there) yet you won’t even entertain expanding Medicaid and insuring 300,000 of the state’s working poor.

Medicaid Expansion Creates Jobs, Grows Missouri’s Economy | Missouri Hospital Association

about an hour ago

Tammy Booth

The KC Star is a tabloid and I’m a stupid little girl, huh?

Nice chatting with you. Chump.

about an hour ago

Not a good decision on the part of Representative Guernsey (r).

Casey Guernsey

Simple answer Tammy. Anyone who makes more than 9,000 a year. As for finance laws, what in the world do they have to do with tax cuts? That’s quite the stretch there lol.

about an hour ago

lol. We really are in junior high school.

Uh, if someone in political life engages the public you can’t expect the public to defer discussion on any issues.

Maybe would should take a look at campaign contributions and lobbyist expenditures in Missouri and the correlations with tax legislation. Oh, wait…

Casey Guernsey

Exactly correct – tabloid drive-by reporting. I knew you couldn’t respond, it’s what happens every time liberals try to debate me on bills they only read about in an article from the star. I spent 5 months working in these bills and actually understand them. Meanwhile a reporter from the star copies and pastes the Governor’s press release and people lap it up as though they speak the gospel. I’ve seen it for about 11 years now. Better luck next time!

about an hour ago · Edited

Five months of his work got us this. That’s not particularly convincing…

Tammy Booth

Please. I don’t rassle with pigs. I get dirty and the pig likes it. Screw that. The folks I want to see this thread have already seen it. Toodles.

about an hour ago

Tammy Booth

Thanks for taking the bait tho — I really didn’t expect you to.

about an hour ago

Casey Guernsey

I’m sure you mean wrassle.


about an hour ago

Oooh, a “correction”!

Then a couple of right wingnut sycophants jumped in with responses. Those, in turn, were followed by:

Mark Matzeder

Unless things have been deleted from this thread, the name-calling began with Guernsey calling Tammy’s post “sixth grade level”. She never responded in kind. Yes, yes, I know she alluded to a well-known metaphor of “rasslin’ with pigs” (rassle and wrassle are BOTH nonstandard versions of wrestle), but no intelligent person would confuse a term used in a metaphor as an epithet.

49 minutes ago

Lynn Caldwell

Mr. Guernsey, all due respect, but if you’re going to resort to correcting someone’s spelling to make your point, be sure you’re clear on the difference between “your” and “you’re” first.

“But if your going to make a wild eyed claim about how motor fuel tax refunds at the lake effects my constituents, I’m going to call you out for not knowing what your talking about. ”

39 minutes ago

And then there was more pearl clutching about language from right wingnut sycophants.

To quote Blue Girl’s email tag:

If you can’t use profanity to describe an obscenity, when the fuck can you use it?  –Me

And the final response from Blue Girl:

Tammy Booth

Sorry to keep you all waiting…I had to feed my family.

Where is the line? No, a kid with a few tomato plants shouldn’t have to be encumbered with regulations, but a person with a 30-acre truck-garden shouldn’t be able to duck their responsibility. The taxes on fuel pay for our roads and the state patrol.

For the record, I don’t just read the papers, I read the bills, too. I also know which ones are strikingly similar to bills in other states because they are based on ALEC model legislation.

I’m concerned about the schools and the roadways that will deteriorate, thanks to the tax cut bill that passed over the Governor’s veto a couple of weeks ago, and the marina fuel tax cut just compounds that problem. I’m worried about the hospital in Bethany staying open. I’m worried about the school in Cainsville staying open. I’m worried about adequate law enforcement and all those trappings of civilization that are paid for with tax dollars.

Mr. Guernsey conveniently overlooked the key word in my tax cut query…”appreciable” and came back with his comment that folks making as little as $9000 would get a tax cut – yes, that is true. I am not math challenged, so I understand that the tax cut that someone who earns so little will get will not even amount to a tank of gas or couple of days worth of groceries. While their communities crumble. It makes no sense.

2 minutes ago

“Thanks for taking the bait tho — I really didn’t expect you to.”

You don’t tug on Superman’s cape, you don’t spit into the wind, you don’t pull the mask off that old Lane Ranger, and you don’t mess around with Blue Girl.

Heh. Don’t you just love social media?