By @BginKC

The elusive and camera shy bi-pedal weasel photo Traitor_zpse3ce2a5b.jpg

This is what the elusive and notoriously camera-shy bi-pedal Missouri River Valley Weasel looks like

**Not Safe For Work Rant Ahead…

This is the stupid, treasonous mother fucker that just voted with the republicans, against schools, hospitals, social services, the needs of the hungry, the elderly, the blind, the disabled…and for Rex Sinquefield…who doesn’t need roads, because he can afford a helicopter and he doesn’t need public health because he can afford a personal physician. Of course, Keith English can’t afford any of those things either, but he didn’t make it to machine number two in his mental Nautilus workout…

And here’s the kicker…with that fucking Hancock Amendment, no taxes will ever be raised in Missouri, ever, even if the dome falls in on the Capitol and the roof of the Supreme Court starts leaking and you can’t get to Jeff City anyways cuz all the bridges done fell down. Fucking idiots. I really think they’re too god-damned stupid to realize what they’ve done, because all the institutional memory now rests with lobbyists. But don’t you dare tell stubborn, know-nothing-and-proud-of-it jackasses that they fucked up when they voted for term limits.

Golly gee…you know what all the term limits states had in common? Democratic legislatures that big businesses couldn’t roll over quite so easily. Funny how it was never mentioned in Kansas where Republicans run things, innit?

I’m so god-damned mad right now, I can’t see straight…But remember if you call you will be talking not to the Representative, but to a state employee who hasn’t had a raise in five years. Be nice. You don’t have to be a dick just because the poor woman works for one.