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Via Twitter, from the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee [DLCC]:

DLCC ā€@demlegislators Apr 29

#WOTW Missouri GOPers Launch “Sham” impeachment against Gov. Nixon [….] 1:49 PM – 29 Apr 2014

And at their site:

Missouri GOPers Launch “Sham” impeachment against Gov. Nixon

By Geoffrey Montes on Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A trio of Tea Party extremists in the Missouri House of Representatives are advancing baseless efforts to impeach Democratic Governor Jay Nixon. State Rep. Mike Moon (R-Ash Grove) filed bill to impeach Nixon on grounds that he did not issue special election notices for vacant legislative seats fast enough. Rep. Rick Brattin’s (R-Harrisonville) resolution seeks to oust him over the latest right wing conspiracy theory about guns.

Yet, the most blatantly ideological proposal comes from Rep. Nick Marshall (R-Parkville), who is seeking to impeach Nixon for allowing same-sex couples to file joint state tax returns. Nixon issued the executive order in November to assist gay couples who wed in other jurisdictions.

The Kansas City Star blasted what it called “another inane waste of time” by Republican lawmakers, saying Missourians should be “embarrassed and even offended” by these antics…

The notoriety for them is a feature, not a bug. We could add another hundred to the list who are behaving just as badly.


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