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Advice for the republican controlled General Assembly – which they tend to ignore.

More sputtering from yesterday via Twitter, from Speaker Pro Tem Denny Hoskins (r):

Denny Hoskins, CPA ‏@DLHoskins

MO CPAs & former MO Supreme Court Justice Price say @GovJayNixon analysis on #SB509 is incorrect. #moleg #WhoDoYouBelieve? 4:05 PM – 22 Apr 2014

A reply:

E. J. Miller ‏@EJMillerEsq

@DLHoskins @SpeakerTimJones Mendacity and incompetence of #MoLeg clearly shows the moral and intellectual decline of American conservatism 4:30 PM – 22 Apr 2014

Okay, that left a mark. Though he didn’t mention twerking.

More gyrations:

Denny Hoskins, CPA ‏@DLHoskins

@EJMillerEsq So you disagree w/former Supreme Court Justice Price & MO CPAs on this tax interpretation but agree with the college professor? 5:39 PM – 22 Apr 2014

Because we all know that college professors just occupy space and CPAs never make misteaks.

E. J. Miller ‏@EJMillerEsq

@DLHoskins @EJMillerEsq I can read too! #PlainLaguage #Sinquefield 6:18 PM – 22 Apr 2014

Tom Pendergast ‏@voteearlyoften

@EJMillerEsq @DLHoskins it really is very simple. all words in statute must be given meaning. What else is meant by the sentence? 8:18 PM – 22 Apr 2014

Good question. Yes, indeed.


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