A taxpayer-supported public entity should not hire executive personnel who have been accused of discrimination. Yet that is exactly what the Monarch Fire Protection District Board of Directors has done.

As a taxpayer who lives in Chesterfield relying on services from Firefighters and Paramedics in the Monarch Fire Protection District, I am appalled to learn that in a 2 to 1 decision the Monarch Board of Directors recently chose to hire former Deputy Chief Cary Spiegel as Assistant Chief. Mr. Spiegel was fired after being accused of gender discrimination.

Mr. Spiegel was terminated by the Fire District on November 19, 2011, after the Missouri Court of Appeals affirmed judgments against Monarch in favor of two female employees who had brought a gender discrimination law suit against the District that named Cary Spiegel, Leslie Crews, Michael Davis and one other command officer in the lawsuit.

I am at a loss as to why Board Secretary Jane Cunningham and Board President Robin Harris made the majority vote to reinstate Cary Spiegel. A command position such as Assistant Chief requires respect. Many citizens in the Chesterfield area have lost all respect for Cary Spiegel.

I believe the decision to re-hire former Deputy Chief Cary Spiegel after he was terminated following a gender discrimination lawsuit may generate an unsettled environment within the District, particularly because two female employees involved in the lawsuit are still employed at Monarch.

Moreover, the Board’s decision to rehire Cary Spiegel baffles many local citizens and is causing concern among Monarch firefighters and paramedics. In my opinion, this is a very bad decision by the Board members Jane Cunningham and Robin Harris, who were elected to serve our community with integrity and without concern for race, color, creed or gender.

Russell Lake                                                                                                                                                              Chesterfield, Missouri