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In an indication of impending Spring the campaign signs for local and municipal elections are starting to pop up. It’s fun to watch beginners’ campaigns – they must absolutely have yard signs.

A campaign yard sign in an empty lot in west central Missouri.

Rather, direct mail, direct mail, and direct mail. And direct voter contact – door to door.

From 2008:

No disdain, I love signs

I have six yard signs in my front yard. I’ve helped put up more than thirty 4 x 8s, 4 x 6s, and 4 x 4s this election cycle. I’ve driven the steel posts, I’ve punched the holes and tightened the cable ties. My large sign technique is efficient, impeccable, and an aesthetic marvel.

Given finite monetary and personnel resources available to campaigns signs are one of the least efficient modes of political persuasion. Political persuasion is what campaigns are all about.

Sign distribution and maintenance takes an astronomical amount of energy and time from campaigns. Time is something you can’t get more of in a campaign.

Signs make us feel good, that’s for sure. But they’re not the most important thing in a campaign. They are in fact the least important – way behind newspaper ads.  


Michael Bersin  Sun Sep 28, 2008 at 14:15:07 PM CDT


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