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There are definitely two different philosophies in Missouri when it comes to the participation of qualified voters – make it difficult, or make it easier.

Previously: Early voting initiative petitions in Missouri (November 20, 2013)

Since the beginning of the year, at the Missouri Ethics Commission:

C131163 01/29/2014 MISSOURI EARLY VOTING FUND Davis, Bethune & Jones, LLC 1100 Main Street Suite 2930 Kansas City MO 64105 1/27/2014 $25,000.00

C131163 01/29/2014 MISSOURI EARLY VOTING FUND Davis, Ketchmark, McCreight & Ivers, PC 11161 Overbrook Road Suite 210 Leawood KS 66211 1/27/2014 $25,000.00

C131163 02/06/2014 MISSOURI EARLY VOTING FUND Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 562 Political Education Fund 12385 Larimore Road Saint Louis MO 63138 2/4/2014 $10,000.00

C131163 02/12/2014 MISSOURI EARLY VOTING FUND United Food and Commercial Workers International Union 1775 K Street, NW Washington DC 20006 2/10/2014 $30,000.00

C131163 02/20/2014 MISSOURI EARLY VOTING FUND Missouri National Education Association Ballot Issue Crisis Fund 1810 E. Elm Street Jefferson City MO 65107 2/18/2014 $10,000.00

C131163 02/21/2014 MISSOURI EARLY VOTING FUND James B Nutter Sr 1201 W. 66th Street Kansas City MO 64113 James B. Nutter & Company Owner 2/19/2014 $10,000.00

C131163 02/23/2014 MISSOURI EARLY VOTING FUND IUOE Local 513 Political & Educational Fund 3449 Hollenberg Drive Bridgeton MO 63044 2/21/2014 $25,000.00

C131163 03/01/2014 MISSOURI EARLY VOTING FUND AFSCME MO People Public Employees Organized To Promote Legislative Equality 2419 B Hyde Park Road Jefferson City MO 65109 2/27/2014 $10,000.00

C131163 03/01/2014 MISSOURI EARLY VOTING FUND Carey & Danis, LLC 8235 Forsyth Boulevard Floor 11 Saint Louis MO 63105 2/27/2014 $25,000.00

[emphasis added]

Probably not a voter suppression initiative – it’s interesting to note who isn’t contributing to the effort.

Early voting would change the political landscape:

….Early voting could reduce the ads people are fond of complaining about during election cycles. I’d bet television, radio, print, and direct mail houses wouldn’t be too happy about those reductions in revenue. Fewer ads would reduce the cost of campaigns, don’t you think? Or maybe just shift it elsewhere. Like maybe field operations?

And, obviously, if a significant percentage of voters chose to vote early late attack ads will have no effect on their vote. In a longer early voting period there would be time to rebut (and in the case of media, investigate) early attack ads. There is the danger that a rebuttal could reinforce the original attack (after all, these are American voters). There’s an element of risk there for the campaign consultant industrial complex.

As voter behavior changes campaign and election behavior on the part of consultants, candidates and political parties will change. The game remains, identify and turn out the folks that will vote with you.

Change could be a good thing.


More today.

C131163 03/02/2014 MISSOURI EARLY VOTING FUND CHIPP Political Account 1401 Hampton Avenue 3rd Floor Saint Louis MO 63139 2/28/2014 $25,000.00

[emphasis added]