By @BginKC

The Missouri legislature is back in session, That means I daily reach new heights – or is that depths? – of humiliation and embarrassment. Not quite two years ago, I wrote a post titled Can the General Assembly Get More Ridiculous?

The answer is yes. Yes it can..

Missouri could carry out executions with firing squads under legislation proposed in the House.

The state currently puts inmates to death with injections of lethal drugs, although existing law also permits use of lethal gas – the method by which 39 people were executed from 1938 to 1965.

The House bill adds an option of executions by firing squads consisting of five law enforcement officers chosen by the state corrections director.

In the past my state lege has equated an expansion of SCHIP with slavery, guaranteeing a woman’s equality and right to choose with “The War of Northern Aggression,” legislators who believe hunger is a motivator for poor children and anything Ed Emery ever affixed his mark to in his entire time in the State Lege.

But this year, they’re making past sessions look sober, staid and downright sane. This year, about the only thing that might surprise me would be if the GOP caucus got liquored up and fired on Ft. Leonard Wood. This year we have legislators who want to revoke the license of insurance companies that comply with the ACA

Firing squad? FIRING SQUAD? WHAT THE FUCK YEAR IS THIS, 1919? It’s’s 2014 you backwards dimwits, and those of us from towns bigger than 50,000 are tired of apologizing for you; but with this, you’ve gone your limit and enough’s enough. The fact that you’re just mean, that you were and still are the bullies on the playground, that your pleasure is only derived by the suffering of another, is becoming apparent, and eventually term limits will work in the good guys favor like they were intended to. (Then you’ll see the light and make noises to change that bad law…But I digress.)

Firing squad? I can hardly get my mind around it, it’s so barbaric and cruel — and one of the people on death row, John Middleton, is there for murdering my cousin.

When I titled that long-ago post “Can the General Assembly get any more ridiculous?” it was not — I repeat NOT — meant as a challenge and you should not take it as such. In fact, please stop.