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Tony Messenger, of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, via Twitter today:

Tony Messenger ‏@tonymess

About 6 million more Americans have insurance today than they did in 2013. #Obamacare will never, ever be repealed. [….] 11:23 AM – 2 Jan 14

He linked to an article in The Atlantic:

….Only 10,000 people whose individual-market plans have been cancelled or slotted for cancellation under the Affordable Care Act will be unable to get affordable insurance going forward, according to a new report from Democrats on the House Committee on Energy and Commerce. That’s “0.2 percent of the oft-cited 5 million cancellations statistic,” The Plum Line noted. The vast majority should be eligible to stay on their existing plans, thanks to the administration’s last-minute fix to permit this, or get subsidies through the exchanges, according to the report. The rest should be able to obtain affordable catastrophic-care plans, according to the congressional staffers. Still, there are bound to be enough people who previously had something better among the nearly one million people the report says could at least get catastrophic care plans that concerns and objections will continue into the new year. But the specter of a massive increase in uninsurance due to the Affordable Care Act seems unwarranted, the report makes clear, because that projection fails to take into account the variety of insurance options now available.

That upset someone:

Gregg Keller ‏@RGreggKeller

@tonymess Alternate reading: 4M more dependent on govt. 2M enrolled in OCare. 5M forced off their existing coverage. 11:31 AM – 2 Jan 14

Tony Messenger responded:

Tony Messenger ‏@tonymess

@RGreggKeller Alternate reading: Republican consultant machine freaking out because good hair and “repeal Obamacare” is all they’ve got. 11:35 AM – 2 Jan 14

Game. Set. Match. Nothin’ but net.

We couldn’t help ourselves:

Michael Bersin ‏@MBersin

@tonymess Okay, now you’re just toying with them. #battleofwitswithunarmed 11:48 AM – 2 Jan 14