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Maybe it’s a memory thing.

This all came about because someone driving a vehicle with an R-3 license plate supposedly cut off someone else in traffic exiting the Missouri-Tennessee football game. Yes, that was a memorable football game. In the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

Bill McClellan: Being unfair to Rep. Guernsey

….About 4:30 last Friday afternoon, Guernsey finally returned my call. He seemed puzzled that there was a complaint about his plates. He said his plates were R-2, just as they should be. He offered to send me a photo. I asked when he got the plates. He seemed bothered by the question. He said he couldn’t remember. Then he got angry.

He called this newspaper “a despicable rag.” He wanted to know who my boss was. He was going to talk to him. He did….


….Monday I called the Department of Revenue. I asked when Guernsey got his R-2 plates. He picked them up Friday afternoon about 4, a woman said. How strange. Half an hour later, he called me and couldn’t remember when he got them….

It’s going to be a memorable legislative session. I can feel it in my bones.

Or maybe it’s just the cold.