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Nixon eyeing special session for big Boeing tax breaks, sources say

CHESTERFIELD • Gov. Jay Nixon is poised to call lawmakers back to Jefferson City next week to pass special incentives to help lure Boeing Co.’s 777X assembly plant to north St. Louis County.

Official word is expected Friday, but several sources in the administration and legislature have confirmed that Nixon intends to call a special session, perhaps to start as soon as Monday….

Interesting game.

The view from Seattle, Washington:

Courageous Boeing Workers Say No to Corporate Extortion

Posted: 11/18/2013 12:42 pm

In a remarkable act of courage and solidarity with the next generation, last week Boeing workers in Seattle soundly rejected corporate extortion, by voting down a contract which traded job guarantees for concessions that would severely erode the pay and benefits of younger workers. In doing so, the members of the Machinists are risking their jobs to save an America built on the middle class….

….Early this month, Boeing tried to blackmail both its union members and Washington state. Declaring that it would consider moving assembly of a new line of 777X planes out of state, the corporation asked for mammoth tax incentives and huge concessions on wages and benefits. The governor and State Legislature caved immediately, passing the largest development tax break for a company in American history, $8.7 billion over 16 years, in a special weekend session. The leadership of Machinists Local 751 also wavered, agreeing to put the contract up for a membership vote, over the objections of most of the union’s management council.

But then a remarkable thing happened, in an age in which Americans, scared that they will lose what they have left, seem resigned to shrinking pay and disappearing benefits.  A grassroots swell of membership opposition to the contract rose up, leading to 67% of the member rejecting the contract. The members did so with their eyes wide open, understanding that Boeing might not be bluffing….

Interesting game. Just add Thelma Ritter. Same plot. And if they do the same to Missouri?

So, when they do bluff who ends up paying the bill for the Missouri General Assembly special session? Just asking.