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We’ve noted of late that Obamacare/healthcare.gov commercials are running on our TV set:

Man on bicycle: Now I’m covered.

Announcer: Now, for the first time you can be covered with a quality health plan from the new Health Insurance Marketplace, part of the health care law. It’s where brand name companies offer plans you can compare side by side. And it’s the only place to get lower monthly payments.

Woman at coffee shop: I’m covered.

Announcer: So if you have an accident, get sick, or just need a check up…

Man in leg cast: I’m covered.

Woman holding child: We’re covered.

Woman with family: Now we’re covered.

Announcer: Enroll now at the Health Insurance Marketplace, at healthcare dot gov.

“…you can be covered with a quality health plan…”

That’s the whole point, right there.