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No, it’s not 1974.

Jason Hancock ‏@J_Hancock

RT @ssnich “Nick Marshall…will seek to impeach Missouri Governor Jay Nixon related to his Executive Order..” #moleg [….] 7:16 PM – 17 Nov 13

Please, please, please make it so. It is beyond our wildest dreams that the right wingnuts in the General Assembly would be stupid enough to do so.

Representative Nick Marshall (r) via Facebook:

I will seek Articles of Impeachment against the Governor. He has openly disregarded the laws and Constitution of the State of Missouri and allowed his administration to do so on multiple occasions. If we are to live under the Rule of Law, he cannot be allowed to remain in office.

We rest our case.


The Internets are forever.

Sean Nicholson ‏@ssnich

And @nickmarshall30 deletes/hides his impeachment post on FB. #toolate #moleg pic.twitter.com/htdvpaS1Yu 8:35 PM – 17 Nov 13