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This could be interesting. Kansas City denizens of the Great Orange Satan are organizing a meetup of sorts in Overland Park, Kansas on Saturday, November 16th:


Overland Park Marriott

10800 Metcalf Avenue · Overland Park, Kansas 66210 USA

Our event will run from 7PM-10PM, and you are free to stay afterwards.


We do have an schedule of events:

7:00-7:30:  Open seating “Welcome”.   Every attendee will get a packet on local Kansas and Missouri resources (you’ll need to identify as Kansas or Missouri, small table top tags will provide that.. and you get to keep those!)

7:30-8:00: Welcome to Our Meeting, and a Background on the 2014 Elections

8:10-9PM: The State of the States:  Several local PACs, fundraisers and campaigns have been invited to contribute short notes on critical issues in their districts – and why it matters to you.   We have already received some video as well as the key races that they have targeted in 2014.   Note: we will have multiple Microphones, and the campaigns themselves have been told they can openly address us as well, and you can ask questions about your district, I should have all of this organized by then.  Many members of those campaigns are open to discuss with you – ONE ON ONE – how you can help in 2014.

9:00-9:30PM: With the help of some precocious High School and College debaters who heard of this through Facebook, we’re presenting a fairly humorous “Top ways to discuss politics and change some minds over the Thanksgiving turkey without getting stabbed”.  🙂   Hey, it’s Kansas & Missouri.   We have a lot of kids – college and high school who have spent time representing their states and buzzing us with some great ideas, suggestions – some funny, some not so funny but truthful, about the issues that impact both states and how our youth feel about it.   I may end up doing some last minute video editing on this one!

9:30-10PM… Closing.   We are still working with a few PACs who have offered to give us final speakers and I’m working with representatives of Campaigns to leave us with the goals of 2014.   Let’s put it this way: you really want to see what’s going to happen in this half hour, even though I can’t give everything away, it will make it worth your drive.


Political happenings. This could be fun and interesting.