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You’ve just got to love social media. Representative Vicky Hartzler (r), today, via Twitter:

Rep. Vicky Hartzler ‏@RepHartzler

#Obamacare website live for 3 weeks now, Still full of glitches. Have you tried signing up? Let me know what you’ve experienced. 2:27 PM – 22 Oct 13

A few of the responses:

KCLiveMusicBlog ‏@KCLiveMusicBlog

@RepHartzler Guessing you’re only interested in the negative experiences people are having. Your tweet is full of grammatical glitches BTW. 2:29 PM – 22 Oct 13

Huk ‏@hukolac

@RepHartzler what are you doing to assist families in signing up for the ACA? 3:11 PM – 22 Oct 13

Steven McCain ‏@Steven_McCain

@RepHartzler I’m getting coverage and saving $462 a month over United HealthCare. Better coverage, too! 3:27 PM – 22 Oct 13

Probably not the response she was seeking.