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The clock is ticking:

Reign Of Morons: Apotheosis

By Charles P. Pierce at 7:45AM

….That is the state to which the whole thing has devolved. The denizens of the monkeyhouse are bringing the world economy to the brink of chaos in order to fk their own staffs over on health insurance. Or at least that’s what they say. In reality, what  this is about is a rump faction of one of our two major political parties that doesn’t think we should have a federal government at all, that wants to roll back its functions to a state half-past the Articles of Confederation, and that is doing so while believing itself to be some unholy combination of the Founding Fathers and the X-Men. They have cast themselves in their own action adventure movie, and the rest of us serve pretty much the same function as New York City does in The Avengers. We’re the set decoration that gets demolished as Our Heroes fight evil. These are pathetic, worthless children, playing dress-up, and smashing things because they like the sound of things breaking….

Senator Claire McCaskill (D), via Twitter:

Claire McCaskill ‏@clairecmc

Sending our country over a fiscal cliff is not conservative. It is reckless and irresponsible. 6:55 AM – 16 Oct 13

Uh, you can’t negotiate compromise with children who are playing dress-up and smashing things because they like the sound of things breaking.

Cue the asteroid.