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Yesterday, in Washington:

Photos of the Great World War II Memorial Rebellion of 2013

By David Weigel

Three buses of World War II veterans (and some volunteers) arrived at the World War II Memorial at 11 a.m. Almost all were from Missouri or Illinois, according to Honor Flight, which charters and runs these journeys for aging veterans. Before we descend into the mucky-muck of politics, let’s remember that it should be about these guys….

….Now, on to the great Optics wars. The Mall in Washington is currently sort-of-kind-of blocked off to tourists. At various points, flimsy barricades prevent them from entering memorials….

….At 11 a.m., when the Honor Flight-ers arrived, members of Congress gathered in front of the entrance closest to the tour buses and made a show of rolling back the barricade….

….This was half-welcome, half-irritating. Sen. Claire McCaskill talked openly about how annoying it was for members of Congress whose states weren’t even represented in the delegation to take up space at the entrance….

Not noticed, so much:

The nine most painful impacts of a government shutdown

By Brad Plumer, Published: October 3 at 6:12 am

….There are some 1,600 Head Start programs around the country providing education, health, nutrition and other services to roughly 1 million low-income children and their families. Those will slowly begin closing during a shutdown.

Initially, only about 20 programs would be affected – the programs whose federal grants expire on Oct. 1 and don’t get renewed. Over time, more programs would likely be affected. The effects really vary from community to community….

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