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Ari Fleischer, republican hack and former press flack for dubya’s administration posted a whine via Twitter today:

Ari Fleischer ‏@AriFleischer

Question to @gov: how come @BarackObama ‘s last tweet was more than 140 characters? Does he play by different rules??? 5:28 PM  24 Sep 13

It was all about this:

Barack Obama ‏@BarackObama

“Not only are premiums lower than they were, they’re lower than the most optimistic predictions.” -President Obama on Obamacare #CGI2013 4:44 PM  24 Sep 13

Much hilarity ensued in the responses to Ari Fleischer (r):

Adam Henry ‏@viewofadam

@AriFleischer It’s only 136…? 5:29 PM  24 Sep 13

Eli Yokley ‏@eyokley

@AriFleischer it wasn’t? 5:31 PM  24 Sep 13

neil ‏@neilkli

@AriFleischer @BarackObama the four extra characters are in the area around Tikrit and Baghdad and east, west, south and north somewhat.5:42 PM  24 Sep 13

jeremy scahill ‏@jeremyscahill

@AriFleischer is our children learning? 5:48 PM  24 Sep 13

Jesse LaGreca ‏@JesseLaGreca

Anyone who wants to see what Stupid Right Wing Tweets look like should check out @AriFleischer ‘s feed, math fail results in hilarity 5:58 PM  24 Sep 13

UP Pastry Plate ‏@UPPastryPlate

@AriFleischer I didn’t go to Harvard or Princeton but I can count to 136. @gov @BarackObama 5:59 PM  24 Sep 13

Elijah Zarlin ‏@elijahion

@AriFleischer wait – so you are telling me Republicans are bad at math? who could have known. 5:58 PM  24 Sep 13

Denis McGrath ‏@heywriterboy

Mission Accomplished, Ari! @AriFleischer @gov @BarackObama 6:40 PM  24 Sep 13

Epic fail.