By @BginKC

Personally, I like that I’m hearing the U word from President Obama with regards to Syria. How about a UN Peace Keeping and humanitarian mission like we did in Haiti in the 90s? We did some good work there. The blue helmets were not out armed and it wasn’t a meager effort, the NGOs were secure and did their jobs efficiently and without fear, and the population — most of whom just wanted to live their lives and feed their children — once they realized that peace was, indeed, possible, became the Peace Keepers’ best ally.

It doesn’t make sense to me that we would “punish” Assad for killing about a thousand people with chemical weapons by killing a few thousand innocent Syrians with traditional weapons.

You want to know how to win the so-called war on terror? Stop behaving like a bull in a China shop with the rest of the world, because newsflash, warhawk assholes (90% of whom dodged the draft when it was their turn) that is the behavior that creates terrorists.

We have immense power. It’s time we start using it for good instead of evil.