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Late last night Bob Yates received another email from a rodeo clown enabler:

From: [….]

Date: Mon, Aug 19, 2013 at 10:43 PM

Subject: Fw: Phony Scandal: Rodeo Clown Disses Real Thing

To: [….]

Mr. Yates:

Just read the attached article and after looking at your credentials and seeing that you are from the Chicago area, I can confirm you to are a hypocrite.  Do you not remember the Bush rodeo clown?, do you remember all the negative things that were said about Bush then and still today.  I am forwarding this article to everybody I know, I hope you and Perry Beam can live with yourselves,  you guys are classless hypocrites.

Family friendly choice of vocabulary, we think.

We can confirm you to are illiterate.


Ye shall know them by their fruits (August 19, 2013)