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Correlation, causality, stupidity, paranoia (August 2, 2013)

Apparently, if you read the Internets, a Saudi national accused of a murder in Warrensburg had the charges against him dismissed by an elected republican prosecutor in the courtroom of a now republican circuit judge because President Obama personally intervened in the case when he visited town last week….

It continues:

Yael T. Abouhalkah

Did Obama help a Saudi national beat a murder rap?

August 3

Conspiracy theorists who don’t trust President Barack Obama say this is what actually brought him to Warrensburg last week:

Sure, Obama was in town to publicly give a speech on the economy.

But privately, the president and his team worked out a deal to free Saudi national Ziyad Abid, who was accused of hiring someone to kill a bar owner there.

True or false?


….Abid was released because the case against him collapsed.

Thank you for playing along, conspiracy theorists and Obama haters.

A sample of comments at the Kansas City Star story on the dismissal of charges:

I smell obama stench all over this one.

We would be foolish to believe that Obama had nothing to do with the release of the high value Saudi national. Osama, I mean Obama has no business in Warrensburg, the area is politically red…makes ya go hum?? If the Saudi committed a murder in his home country, he would be executed for his crimes during the first week, he would be hung by his neck or head chopped off on a guillotine in town center high noon. Also, good Muslims do not drink alcohol and it is very illegal in the holy land…why is he in a bar anyways? What about a Saudi learning to fly an airplane, did we forget about the Saudis that flew the planes on 9/11, they all took lessons in America. This is certainly another scandal for the Obama administration and the local authorities. I hope this issue garners national attention and our local leaders get the boot. The Saudi government was willing to pay 2 million dollars for his release, remember this is your money, paid for when you fuel your car with Saudi oil. Wake up America, your living in a bubble…….

Uh, in case you’re wondering, the Johnson County, Missouri prosecutor who dismissed the charges is an elected republican (in 2006). This case was in the courtroom of a now republican circuit court judge.

Obama in Warrensburg, Saudi released days later, is not this the same PREZ that bowed to the Saudi King???HMMMM

Or this, hmmmm:

….After dinner in the King’s Palace, Bush and Abdullah walked through a large central atrium and picked up cups of Arabic coffee to take into their meetings. Sitting side by side in chairs, Abdullah presented Bush with a gold necklace adorned with a large medallion – the King Abdul Aziz Order of Merit, the country’s highest honor, named after the founder of the modern Saudi state.

The award was placed around Bush’s neck and the two exchanged the region’s traditional double kiss. “I am honored,” Bush said….

Some more comments from the Kansas City Star story:

A Saudi national studying aviation is very interesting. “Saudi national” is code for, the kid of an oil sheik. Probably just a coincidence obama shows up and suddenly the “understanding of the evidence obtained is insufficient”. Is there a larger issue of geopolitical concern or is this code for the killer now is offered enough money to do the time? Is the death of a US citizen less important than upsetting somebody in Saudi Arabia? Did some of Holder’s boys accompany obama?

This whole thing has a bad smell.

I’m sure oil, oil profits, and oil relationships trump everything!

Because the Vice President used to be the CEO of a giant oil services corporation? Oh, wait…

Obama went to Warrensburg to apply pressure in a typical fashion. Just like he got his message through to the IRS how to handle adversaries. If Obama really wanted to promote the educational program he would have done it in Lee’s Summit where he would have had a bigger facility, larger crowd and easier media access.

If you don’t believe this is possible just remember Obama, Clinton and Paneta all watched in real time while our US Ambassador to Libya, a CIA field officer and 2 Navy Seals were allowed to be murdered. But Hey! They are still going to bring those nasty terrorists to justice.

Thanks KC Star for deleting my original comment.

The educational program is under the auspices of the University of Central Missouri which is located in Warrensburg.

I’m usually pretty quick to dismiss conspiracy theories, but you may be on to something..

Yeah, that makes it all credible.

It is just disturbing that the Judge, MO Attorney General and the Appeals Court all agree on this case that is in such political light and now all of the sudden after Obummer is in town they have no evidence??? Come on people!!! I cannot believe this clown was re-elected and this is the way he is ruining our great nation…. Muslim watching out for another Muslim if you ask me


“no freaking way” is pretty confident. Why Warrensburg then and you must believe in coincidences, huh?

Do you have any idea what it takes for him to visit anywhere, much less a tiny dot on the map of a dominantly RED state?

Uh, Obama carried Warrensburg in 2008.