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Didn’t catch this earlier:

PoliticMo to re-launch after brief hiatus

May 28, 2013

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – After a three month hiatus, PoliticMo is set to re-launch, editor-in-chief Eli Yokley announced on Tuesday….

….The announcement came as Yokley announced the decision to leave his full-time role as managing editor of The Missouri Times….

What’s up with that?

And there’s this, via the Cape County Tea Party (no, I’m not providing a link):

…The 8th Congressional District Republican Committee will be hosting a CAMPAIGN UNIVERSITY in September. It is being sponsored by HRCC, MSCC, and MRP.

Guest presenters include:

   Steve Tilley

   Shane Schoeller

   Robert Knodell

   Jeff Rowe

   Carl Bearden

   Jaret Jensen

   Josh Haynes


This University will have classes that include:


   Vendor Relations

   Grassroots Organization

   Media Contact and Relations

   Social Media

There will also be a forum at the end of the presentations for question and answer about campaigning, issues and experience. On this panel will be:

   Auditor Tom Schweich

   Congressman Jason Smith

   Speaker Tim Jones

   Former Speaker Catherine Hanaway

Lunch will be provided by the Missouri Times. Admission at the door will be $25. Early admission, prior to September 1, will be $15.


[emphasis added]

Dayam. If we had to provide lunch it’d consist of a soda cracker and tap water. And we wouldn’t be too sure about the soda cracker part. Not that we believe anyone would want us to sponsor a partisan event. Heh.

A few of the people on the list of presenters are quite, how shall we put it, uh, connected.