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On the road to Iowa (June 1, 2013)

The Missouri General Assembly holds no monopoly on bad ideas or insanity. Travel to other battleground states and a reading of the local news about the legislature therein reveals the pervasiveness of the batshit crazy. Let’s see, defund public education, defund higher education (and limit access), attack labor and labor rights. Falling backward is a feature, not a bug.

“Wisconsin” atop the capitol dome. Sometimes referred to as “Miss Forward” (there’s another statue with

that title on the grounds – “Forward” is the Wisconsin motto). Locals would also refer to the statue as

“Miss Rennebohm” because it ostensibly gazed toward the Rennebohm Drug Store on the square.

Not quite a Libertarian paradise:

A display of republican dogma proudly exhibited on a vehicle parked on the grounds of the Wisconsin capitol.

Because government shouldn’t do anything and if we prevent it from doing anything by starving it of revenue people won’t expect anything from government. Except maybe abortion restrictions.

No Exit.

Mislabeling inside the Wisconsin capitol?

What’s the similarity between Jay Nixon and Scott Walker? Their respective political bases consider them the best republican governor their state has ever had.

What are the odds of either becoming president?

In the People’s Republic of Madison:

Hagiography in the lion’s den.