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That’s Liza with a Z, not Lisa with an S… (May 18, 2013)

Truman Days in Jackson County – 2013 (May 18, 2013)

“….The United State of America, arguably the greatest empire ever to exist on this planet, hasn’t had a budget in four years. No energy policy whatsoever. No jobs bill whatsoever.  We still have seven point five unemployment, thirteen point three, Black, and thirteen point one Latino. Unemployment. And we’re voting on the Affordable Care Act. The week before the big deal was helium. Helium. I’m for kids and the balloons, but [laughter] we, we got major issues. We don’t even have an agricultural or, or farm bill after the worst drought since the dust bowl. No, no, no farm bill. And we’re voting on the Affordable Care Act….”

We’ve been covering the Jackson County Democratic Committee’s annual Truman Days celebration at the Holiday Inn Coco Key in Kansas City this weekend. Representative Emanuel Cleaver (D) was the Keynote speaker for the Saturday morning breakfast.

Representative Emanuel Cleaver (D) at Truman Days in Kansas City – May 18, 2013.

Part 1:

“….We probably lost Texas either for the last time, uh, or we may, they refocus and they may have one more chance at it. And it’s, it’s gonna be blue [cheers, applause]. And that is why they are, are so ignorant about. I saw one of my colleagues as I was sitting off, yesterday, uh, waiting, uh, to be picked up to go to the airport. And he’s on the floor, uh, talking about immigration. He’s from Iowa, uh, Congressman, uh, King. And, uh, and I’m thinking I want to take this and send it to everybody in Texas, Arizona, New Mexico….”

Part 2:

Part 3: