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Covering the Missouri House of Representatives from the side gallery puts you in close proximity with the members on the floor. If they want too they can walk over to the side gallery and engage you in conversation.

This afternoon as I was photographing members in the chamber Representative Mark Parkinson (r) noticed me talking a picture of him. He walked over to the side gallery, we shook hands, and we had a pleasant enough conversation. He asked me if the photo would be on the blog.

What the heck, here it is:

Representative Mark Parkinson (r).

Representative Parkinson’s grandfather was recognized by the House in his visit to the chamber yesterday. In our conversation this afternoon Representative Parkinson told me that his grandfather’s previous visit to the House was in the 1930s. I asked him if he had asked his grandfather if he thought the chamber had changed much in appearance. Representative Parkinson replied that his grandfather said that it looked pretty much the same.  


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