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A stairwell in the Capitol.

We traveled to Jefferson City early this morning and watched from a side gallery as the House was in session.

For the most part the republican majority moved a number of bills through (calling “the previous question”) including, a House joint resolution on “the right to farm”, HJR 17 on limits on state appropriations, SJR 16 on transportation funding, SB 222 on domestic violence, SB 256 on child abuse and neglect, SB 252 on the Department of Revenue (no cap on damages when suing the Department of Revenue? Seriously). The afternoon session included SB 236, on the Highway Patrol Fund – more on that later.

Representative Jill Schupp (D).

Representative Jeremy LaFaver (D).

Representative Genise Montecillo (D).

Representative Margo McNeil (D) (left).

Representative Jill Schupp (D).

Greeting guests in the side gallery.

Stained Glass in the House chamber above the press gallery.

Minority Floor Leader Jacob Hummel (D).

Representative Chris Kelly (D) speaking to broadcast media in the corridor after the morning session.

SB 236 is a result of the fallout from the purchase of an aircraft. The House truly agreed summary of the bill:


Currently, the Highway Patrol’s Motor Vehicle, Aircraft, and Watercraft Revolving Fund, which is administered by the Superintendent of the Highway Patrol, includes funds received and used for the purchase of Highway Patrol vehicles, watercraft, and aircraft.

This bill requires the fund to include money received and used for the purchase and maintenance of vehicles, watercraft, and aircraft. In addition, the bill requires the Highway Patrol to receive a specific appropriation from the General Assembly before obligating any funds for the purchase of an individual unit that costs more than $100,000.

Representative Diane Franklin (r), handling SB 236 on the Highway Patrol Fund.

Elizabeth Crisp ‏@elizabethcrisp

House is back. Taking up SB236 on the Hwy Patrol revolving fund. Legislation came about following purchase of $5.6M plane #MOleg

2:01 PM – 14 May 13

The debate included references to the previous aircraft purchase, with Representative Mike Colona (D) labeling the $100,000 limit without legislative approval a “temper tantrum” amendment.

Representative Mike Colona (D).

Minority Floor Leader Jacob Hummel (D).