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Today, on a vehicle in eastern Jackson County, Missouri:

Interestingly, there were no bumper stickers on the vehicle about the death penalty or war.

A single issue (November 2, 2008):

….A large sedan plastered with republican and anti-choice bumper stickers pulled to a stop as we walked down the street on our canvass. A little old lady (very spry) jumped out and asked us who we were. We told her we were canvassing for Obama. She told us, “Wait a minute, I’ve got something for you.” She pulled forward out of traffic, then jumped out of her car to open the trunk. We stopped our walk in the opposite direction and turned to walk toward the car. As she opened the trunk she turned to look for us and started, saying, “You scared me!”

“You know I’m pro-life.” I replied, “I take it that means you’re against the death penalty and war?” “Oh no, it’s about murdering babies. Do you believe in God? Are you saved, is Jesus your savior? What church do you belong to?” I replied, “I don’t. I’m Jewish.” Without missing a beat she asked, “What about Israel?” I replied, “What about it?” She handed us each a flier and asked us to read it, saying, “Pray on this. I know you’re doing what you believe in.” She turned to go back to her car and we each said, “Have a nice day….”

It will always be single issues.