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Michael Bersin has beautifully documented Rep. Vicky Hartzler’s attempt to throw dust in her constituents eyes when it comes to her vote against the Violence Against Women Act. However, I just can’t resist sharing Steve Benen’s response to the dishonesty of Hartzler and the handful of GOP reps who decided to employ the same tactic:

What happened to far-right conservatives having the courage of their convictions? If they opposed the Violence Against Women Act and felt the need to vote against it, then why pretend otherwise? Why try to deceive the public instead of explaining why they opposed the legislation?

Extremism is disconcerting, but by some measures, cowardice is worse.

Why indeed? Do Hartzler et al. think it’s their constituents who are dumb or are they as dumb as spit themselves? To paraphrase Benen, I’d say that cowardice is one thing, but the attitude toward the truth that these folks exhibit is even worse yet, although it’s sadly far too typical of what we’ve seen from most GOP politicians in recent years.