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It certainly is according to High Broderism.

Via Twitter today:

Claire McCaskill ‏@clairecmc

Just finished Fox Sunday Morning with Chris Wallace. Stressed the need to compromise. 8:30 a.m. – Feb 24, 2013

In what world is Chris Wallace and the Faux News Channel open to “compromise”? Just asking.

A few replies:

Shell ‏@Shella_Bella

@clairecmc u don’t compromise , u blindly follow Obama! R elderly get treated like Crap. ^ taxes, Hc, gas, electric. Country is a mess!8:32 a.m. – Feb 24, 2013

A personal favorite:

Patrick Scott ‏@Dewarsplz

@clairecmc Senator you are no moderate you are as much a communist as Obama! #tcot8:34 a.m. – Feb 24, 2013

Communist? Didn’t that go out with high button shoes? Who would have thought…

Michael Bersin ‏@MBersin

@clairecmc Hoping compromise isn’t defined as “give irrational obstructionists everything” so the rich DC pundits can applaud bipartisanship 10:35 a.m. – Feb 24, 2013


Bob Yates Bob Yates ‏@OldDrum

@MBersin @clairecmc I don’t watch Fox News, so I don’t know what compromise is for them. So what is it? 10:47 a.m. – Feb 24, 2013

Maybe compromise has a certain percentage to it:

Michael Bersin ‏@MBersin

@OldDrum @clairecmc Uh, making sure Speaker Boehner (r) doesn’t cry on national TV and giving him “98%” of what he wanted. Oh, wait… 10:57 a.m. – Feb 24, 2013

Not if the recent past is a reliable predictor. Charlie Brown, meet Lucy and her football.