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Via Digby who comments that “… this logic has been pervasive for at least a decade and it just keeps rolling.”

The sad about this type of smoke and mirrors is that neither the media nor lots of good Democratic pols seem to have caught on to the hustle. I distinctly remember being at a local meeting where I heard Claire McCaskill talk about why she might consider Social Security funding “fixes” that would seriously weaken the program in order to “save” it. And she was all wide eyed, filled with conviction, and good intentions. Why are these folks, upon whom we so desperately depend, so easily diverted from the real issues?

Because, of course, the really sad thing here is the fact that a formula for government that posits as its leading axiom that we do the distasteful deed today so we won’t have to do it tomorrow not only often proceeds from unexamined and often false premises, but keeps us from doing what we need to do to identify and fix the real problems.