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In the absence of fear, a bill introduced today:

SB 269 Modifies the use of the Capitol complex grounds by non-public entities

Sponsor: Nieves

LR Number: 1328S.01I Fiscal Note not available


Last Action: 2/6/2013 – S First Read–SB 269-Nieves


Current Bill Summary

SB 269 – This act provides that no parking space upon the capitol grounds shall be specifically designated or set aside for any person that is not an official or employee of the state, however an appropriate number of spaces may be designated for handicapped parking.

No person or entity that is not an official or employee of the state shall be allowed an office or reserved space in the State Capitol building, except for reserved space within the Senate and House chambers and galleries, and any non-public person or entity maintaining an office or space shall remove its office or space from the State Capitol building on or before August 28, 2013.

This act is identical to SB 694 (2012) and SB 341 (2011).


Why, if this bill passes and is signed into law the Capitol press corps (whatever is left of it) will have to vacate their luxurious office suites in the building. Oh, and it would make it a little more difficult for the media to document the atrocities during the session. That would explain why a right wingnut republican is sponsoring the bill.


SB 694: See where sucking up to them gets you? (January 24, 2012)