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Blue skies, cold air, can’t lose

Perhaps “it’s cold at the inauguration is a first world problem”. Ok, it is. Plus it warmed up to 24 degrees. Plus our hearts were warmed as Senator Tom Dempsey underestimated the capabilities of a bell denoting 12 Noon (Dempsey came to stage after 8 chimes, only to hear the 9th).

The Inaugural speech clocked in at a brisk 12 minutes. Speaking of the current split government and comparing it to an opposite split from 1987. Then talking about the Civil War. Then a brief summary of the last four years (the auto industry is back, natural disasters). Before going into a future without limits in regards to education, science, business, agriculture and conservation. Then noting the bold pioneers of the past and future and closing by noting that he took his oath to a variety of people (waitresses pulling double shifts, veterans, farmers).

Of course the realist and cynic would note the problems ahead. But then again, those problems have always been around since 2009, aside from the veto-proof super majority and all. But it’s an inaugural speech, reality will be known later.

So some photos of the inaugural events taken from the blue section of the South Lawn:

Governor Nixon arriving on the scene with his wife Georganne

The match of the statewides

Attorney General Chris Koster being sworn into office

Treasurer Clint Zweifel being sworn into office

Secretary of State Jason Kander being sworn into office

Lt. Governor Peter Kinder being sworn into office

Governor Jay Nixon being sworn into office

Governor Nixon speaking during the Inaugural Address