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Last month, voters in Maine, Maryland and Washington endorsed same-sex marriage, the first time marriage equality has ever been expanded by a popular vote. This has prompted many conservatives to wonder whether their opposition to equality might be a long-term electoral liability. Conservative columnist George Will was on "This Week" this week when the topic came up:  

Quite literally, the opposition to gay marriage is dying.


During a major shift of public opinion like this, it must be hard for a politician to know whether to stand by their increasingly unpopular positions or to abandon their previous views. It remains to be seen whether Missouri's Vicky Hartzler will grudgingly accept marriage equality or soldier on in the culture war that she started in 2004. She led the effort to pass a constitutional ban on gay marriage and she has continued to say cruel and insensitive things about her fellow citizens since coming to Congress in 2010.   These charts show the changes in approval rates over time for interracial marriage and for same-sex marriage. Draw your own conclusions about long Vicky can keep getting elected if she sticks to her homophobic guns.