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From the Missouri Department of Labor & Industrial Relations:

Prevailing Wage

Missouri’s Prevailing Wage Law establishes a minimum wage rate that must be paid to workers on public works construction projects in Missouri, such as bridges, roads, and government buildings. The prevailing wage rate differs by county and for different types of work.

The Prevailing Wage Law applies to all public works projects constructed by or on behalf of state and local public bodies.


It appears that a few folks in the General Assembly aren’t enamored with the prevailing wage. In the House:

HB 34

Establishes the School Construction Act which exempts construction and maintenance work done for certain school districts from the prevailing wage rate requirement upon the school board’s approval.

Sponsor: Guernsey, Casey (002)

Proposed Effective Date: 8/28/2013

LR Number: 372H.01I

Last Action: 12/03/2012 – Prefiled (H)

In the Senate:

SB 30 Repeals all of the prevailing wage laws

Sponsor: Brown


Last Action: 12/1/2012 – Prefiled


Current Bill Summary

SB 30 – This act repeals all of the prevailing wage laws.

Because building public works on the cheap will absolutely insure higher quality workmanship, right? Or maybe a much higher profit margin for someone who isn’t a worker?

Let’s work to make sure all workers in Missouri just get paid minimum wage. Then we can work to repeal the minimum wage. Utopia for right wingnuts!