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Claire McCaskill ‏@clairecmc

Glad that Gov Nixon supports Medicaid expansion in #MO.Don’t want MOians tax dollars to pay for health care in NY or CA.That would be dumb. 7:55 AM – 30 Nov 12

Well, sort of.


The Ultimate in teabagger Bills: it was only a matter of time (January 26, 2011)

….There is the small matter that Missouri takes in more federal money from the government than we generate in federal revenue [pdf]:

Table 2

Federal Tax Burdens and Expenditures Per Capita As a Percentage of the U.S. Average Fiscal Years 1994 and 2004


Federal Tax Burdens

FY 1994 92% FY 2004 88%

Federal Expenditures

FY 1994 124% FY 2004 114%

[underline emphasis added]

There was a twitter response:

Kevin Lynch ‏@kevinearllynch

@clairecmc CA and NY are sending federal tax dollars to be used for MO health care already. Bad analogy is bad 7:58 AM – 30 Nov 12

It’s not a bad analogy. But it’s true that the good people of New York and California already pay to keep Missouri in the trappings of civilization. Maybe we should keep that quiet lest their teabaggers start screaming about it.