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According to Dave Weigel:

You may have missed it, but a harmless joke from Jamie Foxx — a reference to Barack Obama as “our Lord and savior” — has stirred up the predictable sectors of the outrage machine. I almost missed it, until Todd Akin’s campaign reached out to its fundraising list and reminded me of its existence.

Seems Todd thinks this is on a par with the film mocking Islam that caused some minor uproar in the Middle-East a few weeks ago – and Todd requires donations to insure that he can keep “speaking out about the problems facing our country,” such as Foxx’s silly joke. Well and good. If anyone’s dumb enough to jump on that bandwagon with Akin, I hope they enjoy the bumpy ride.

But what I don’t understand, though, apart from the total non-equivalence of the two situations, is why American conservatives get all heated up about possible constraints on their freedom of speech when Muslims over-react to insults to their religion, but think that fairness entails a similar over-reaction when the subject of less than reverent treatment is Christianity? Do they really believe that freedom of speech doesn’t pertain to jokes about Jesus, just Muhammad?