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Some people in Southeast Missouri got the wrong ballot.

Via the Missouri Secretary of State:

State Representative – District 150 (31 of 31 Precincts Reported)

Tom Todd Democrat 5,837 49.5%

Kent Hampton Republican 5,953 50.5%

Total Votes 11,790

State Representative – District 150 – County


Tom Todd DEM – 3,977

Kent Hampton REP – 3,956


Tom Todd DEM – 1,860

Kent Hampton REP – 1,997

That was close. And, there may be a new election:

Officials seeking new election for 150th District Rep

Thursday, November 15, 2012

District boundary issue results in incorrect ballots

Dunklin County Prosecuting Attorney Stephen P. Sokoloff, acting on behalf of County Clerk Carol Hinesly, filed a petition Wednesday, Nov. 14, 2012, in the County Circuit Court seeking a new election in the 150th District of the Missouri House of Representatives.

Sokoloff’s petition alleges that there were sufficient mis-votes in the General Election, held Nov. 6, to call into question the validity of the results.

According to a written statement by the prosecutor, from a preliminary canvass performed by Hinesly, it appears that a number of voters who live in the 152nd District were given ballots to vote in the 150th District and a number of voters in the 150th District were given ballots for the 152th District….

The relevant statute:

Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 115

Election Authorities and Conduct of Elections

Section 115.600

Recount or new election, procedure–petition by election authority.

115.600. The election authority, if convinced that errors of omission or commission have occurred on the part of the election authority, election judges, or any election personnel in the conduct of an election, may petition the circuit court for a recount or a new election and the court is authorized to order a new election if the evidence provided demonstrates that the irregularities were sufficient to cast doubt on the outcome of the election.

   (L. 1983 S.B. 234, A.L. 1997 S.B. 132)

Until this gets settled the veto proof republican majority in the House is now at 109.