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Claire McCaskill’s campaign released the top line numbers in the latest Kiley & Company internal poll done for her campaign. The poll was completed Thursday night, had a sample of 600 likely voters, and a margin of error of 3.5%:

….The partisan breakdown of this sample is 45% Republican; 38% Democratic; and 17% Independents who do not lean toward either party. The seven-point Republican advantage in party identification is very consistent with previous polls….

The numbers:

McCaskill – 53%

Akin – 39%

Other – 1%

Not sure – 7%

7% are “not sure”?


….Also consistent with our previous tracker, McCaskill has the nearly unanimous support of Democrats (93% to 6%), and a solid, 24-point margin among Independents (56% to 32%).

McCaskill enjoys a 20-point lead among women, but she is also ahead by 8 points among men…


…Akin’s already-poor ratings have deteriorated further in this latest measure: only 30% of all voters have a favorable opinion of him, fully 58% now express an unfavorable impression.

In sharp contrast, Senator McCaskill’s ratings are 51% favorable and 43% unfavorable…

…voters trust her rather than Akin to protect Social Security and Medicare by a 23-point margin. By similar margins they see her as effective (+23), likeable (+24) and someone who cares about them (+18)….

Uh. Todd (r), that’s not good for you.

Interesting. The results of letting right wingnut whack jobs take over the republican party. If you shine the light of day on them they lose.