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In the Lieutenant Governor race incumbent Peter Kinder (r) has fired off an attack ad against Susan Montee (D):

Announcer: Susan Montee claims she’s conservative. No way. Here she is at the St. Louis gay pride parade. She’s a real liberal activist. Montee’s pro-abortion. She backs Obamacare. No wonder the NRA opposes her…

Timeout. Uh, there’s a prohibition against abortion and health care reform written somewhere in the 2nd Amendment?

Peter Kinder’s the conservative. He sued to block Obamacare….

Timeout. That didn’t turn out so well, did it?

…cut taxes three hundred twenty million dollars, delivered the back to school sales tax holiday. Peter Kinder for Lieutenant Governor. It’s the conservative results that count.

Heh. These kind of conservative results? Just asking.


Susan Montee ā€@SusanMontee

Equality. Why would anyone be against that? http://bit.ly/TL3RdC 5:38 PM – 26 Oct 12

clinton ā€@SECbest

Why does @peterkinder think its bad for @susanmontee to be @ pride parade but ok for campaign contributor AB-InBev to sponsor it? #MOLtGov 5:50 PM – 26 Oct 12

Good questions.