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Bad news for Rep. Todd Akin: Not only do new filings show him lagging seriously behind Claire McCaskill when it comes to fundraisng, but today Rasmussen (yes, Rasmussen, the GOP’s favorite pollster) has him running eight points behind McCaskill: Akin 43%, McCaskill 51%:

I don’t celebrate until the day after the election, but even I have to admit that it looks like McCaskill’s suite of ads are having the desired effect. I’m sure that Thursday’s debate didn’t hurt either. Not much new was said, but it did serve as the pudding that provides the proof.

Apart from Claire McCaskill’s presentation of the issues, or Todd Akin’s testimony to the power of faith in the face of evidence to the contrary (the fool actually seems to believe the flim-flam claims that the $750 billion Romney/Ryan want to cut out of Medicare is retained in the program), what struck me abut the debate is that Akin in the flesh actually strikes one as a bit fey. I could see him cast in a fantasy movie, playing the part of a slow-talking, superannuated pixie. Could be charming except that I keep  imagining him waving a wand and sprinkling magical “FREEDOM” dust all over the land, shriveling school lunches on the vine. Being pixilated, though, might explain the magical thinking that gave us pregnancy-free legitimate rape.

Incidentally, did anyone else have the same response when Akin talked about home-schooling his children?  Given what we know about what he doesn’t know, doesn’t that amount to child abuse? Why are the most vocal advocates of home-schooling always such morons – remember Cynthia Davis? Surely there are sane, intelligent home-schoolers out there who aren’t keeping the kiddies at home to keep them from the intellectual snares of Satan?