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One October event in west central Missouri which draws large crowds, and in an election year, a significant number of candidates for political office, is the annual University of Central Missouri Homecoming Parade through the streets of Warrensburg. The parade took place this morning, in a break between rain storms, with a crowd of several thousand people lining the streets to watch. In addition to the political entries, their are floats, various organization and group entries, and, of course, high school marching bands.

The Fire Fighters brought their campaign land yacht in support of Senator Claire McCaskill (D).

Lineup for the parade started at 8:30 a.m. The Democratic Party entry number was in the 170s (the republicans were a number of entries behind that), so there’s plenty of time for candidates to visit and work the crowd in the lineup area before the candidates and their volunteers hit the parade route.

Elgene Ver Dught (left), the Democratic Party candidate in the 21st Senate District.

State Treasurer Clint Zweifel (D) (left).

Jason Kander (left), the Democratic Party candidate for Secretary of State, and State Treasurer Clint Zweifel (D).

Gary Grigsby, the Democratic Party candidate in the 51st Legislative District.

Attorney General Chris Koster (D).

A volunteer for Cass County Prosecutor Teresa Hensley, the Democratic Party candidate

in the 4th Congressional District, and Attorney General Chris Koster.

(From left to right) Chris Koster, Jason Kander, Clint Zweifel.

It’s nice to have a sister who looks like you walking in a parade on your behalf if you can’t be there. You could hear people in the crowd say as she approached, “Is that Claire?” She shook hands and waved, introducing herself as Claire’s sister, Lisa.

The statewide candidates (and many of the local candidates) dive into the crowd to shake hands and introduce themselves to voters. Much of the time you hear the response, “You’ve got my vote.”

Attorney General Chris Koster (D).

State Teasurer Clint Zweifel (D).

Jason Kander, the Democratic Party candidate for Secretary of State.

Clint Zweifel (D).

Gary Grigsby (D).

Elgene Ver Dught (D) walking the parade route.

International students in the parade.

The republican presence in their parade entry, while not insignificant, appeared to be much smaller in numbers than those of the Democratic Party candidates.