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Via Twitter:

Rep. Vicky Hartzler ‏@RepHartzler

Benghazigate exposed. Today State Dept. contradicts administration account of Libya attack. Who’s in charge of our foreign policy? 6:02 AM – 10 Oct 12

Fancy that, Representative Vicky Hartzler (r) mindlessly parroting republican talking points for political purposes. And there was a really big oopsie at the “hearing” that anyone without a partisan political agenda could have easily foreseen.

On the same day, from the Washington Post:

Letting us in on a secret

By Dana Milbank, Published: October 10

When House Republicans called a hearing in the middle of their long recess, you knew it would be something big, and indeed it was: They accidentally blew the CIA’s cover.

The purpose of Wednesday’s hearing of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee was to examine security lapses that led to the killing in Benghazi last month of the U.S. ambassador to Libya and three others. But in doing so, the lawmakers reminded us why “congressional intelligence” is an oxymoron….

….The Republican lawmakers, in their outbursts, alternated between scolding the State Department officials for hiding behind classified material and blaming them for disclosing information that should have been classified. But the lawmakers created the situation by ordering a public hearing on a matter that belonged behind closed doors.

Republicans were aiming to embarrass the Obama administration over State Department security lapses. But they inadvertently caused a different picture to emerge than the one that has been publicly known: that the victims may have been let down not by the State Department but by the CIA. If the CIA was playing such a major role in these events, which was the unmistakable impression left by Wednesday’s hearing, having a televised probe of the matter was absurd.

The chairman, attempting to close his can of worms, finally suggested that “the entire committee have a classified briefing as to any and all other assets that were not drawn upon but could have been drawn upon” in Benghazi.

Good idea. Too bad he didn’t think of that before putting the CIA on C-SPAN.

[emphasis added]

Accidentally? That’s charitable. A republican clown show, indeed.