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At William Jewell College in Liberty, Missouri on March 13, 2012 prior to the Missouri presidential primary (video by Jerry Schmidt):

[@5:50] Mitt Romney (r): ….three, three rules. Number one, I’m going to look at every program and ask, is this program so essential it’s worth borrowing money from China to pay for it. And if it doesn’t pass that test I’m getting rid of it. So, Obamacare, goodbye, subsidies for Amtrak and for Planned Parenthood, those things, goodbye. Even PBS. I like, look, I like PBS, I gotta be honest, I like PBS, but we, we borrow money so that PBS doesn’t have to show advertising to our kids. Well, Big Bird’s gonna have to get used to Kellogg’s corn flakes ’cause we’re gonna have to have advertising or bigger donations….

Good nutrition? Not likely. The big food corporations will cut ads on PBS and Sesame Street for Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs if they get half a chance.

Gee, at the debate Mitt Romney didn’t mention Amtrak or Planned Parenthood in the same breath as Big Bird. Or did he? Must be the Todd Akin (r) thing.

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