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Bumper stickers on a single vehicle, in west central Missouri:

Conveniently, they forgot about another, more recent, president.

Presidential Approval Ratings — Gallup Historical Statistics and Trends

First-Term Averages

Jimmy Carter January 1977-January 1981 45.5[%]

Second-Term Averages

George W. Bush January 2005-January 2009 36.5[%]

Job Approval Lows

Jimmy Carter June 1979 28[%]

George W. Bush October 2008 25[%]

[emphasis added]

Gee, where did that come from?

Sen. Roy Blunt (r): trying to be too clever (February 18, 2012)

[….] The U.S. Energy Information Agency, Gasoline Components History:

Month/Year Retail Price (Dollars per gallon)

Jan-00 1.289

Jan-01 1.447

Jan-02  1.107

Jan-03 1.458

Jan-04 1.572

Jan-05 1.831

Jan-06 2.316

Jan-07 2.24

Jan-08 3.043

Jan-09 1.788

Jan-10 2.715

Jan-11 3.095

Dec-11 3.266

During dubya’s eight years the price went from $1.447 in January 2001 to $4.062 in July 2008, then the economy collapsed. When the economy collapses gas prices can collapse, when the economy recovers those prices can also recover.

U.S. retail gasoline prices (in dollars) by month from January 2000 to December 2011.

That drop after the highest peak is dubya’s recession.


“The Navy SEALS removed one Muslim threat to America, it’s up to the voters to remove the other!”

Yep, that last one really sticks in their craw, don’t it?