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Previously: Todd Akin: “legitimate” rape victims don’t get pregnant (August 19, 2012)

Todd Akin, the republican nominee for the U.S. Senate, held several campaign rallies with supporters across the Kansas City metro area yesterday. At the rally held at a park in Raymore yesterday evening (r) there were equal numbers of protesters and attendees at the rally (approximately fifty each, as related by a protester via Facebook). We received several photos from an individual who attended the protest:


Todd Akin (r) (foreground, center left), taking a peek.

Todd Akin supporters under the park shelter – the line of protesters is in the background.

“Todd Akin, resign from the Science Committee!” – note the “Fair Tax” yard sign.

Ed volunteers as Executive Director of Missouri Fair Tax.

That would explain the “Fair Tax” yard signs.

Ed Emery (far right), the republican nominee in the 31st Senate District, walking past protesters into the Akin rally.