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Worth reading: Jonathan Chait on who’s playing whom and when in the Todd Akin/Claire McCaskill race.

The lede:

The most entertaining Senate race in the country is in Missouri. That is, if you like game theory. The entire campaign is taking place beneath the surface.

Seems McCaskill bluffed Missouri’s GOP voters to get the opponent of her dreams, Todd Akin; the GOP is bluffing Akin to force him out, while Akin’s holding his cards close to his chest. Chait’s opinion on the topic of who’s bluffing whom:

But Akin can see what game the GOP is playing. They want to push him out of the race, and their deadline to get him out is September 25. If he stays in the race until then, at that point they’ll be stuck with him. …

Todd Akin may be crazy, but he’s not stupid. Wait. Let me rephrase. He may be crazy and stupid, but he’s not unable to spot a bluff.

Fun for all – as long as we don’t end up with Senator Akin.